Legal Services

  • Forensic Analysis, Microscopy: Normal, Polarized, Nomarski
  • Full Photodocumentation with complete supportive Microbiological and Chemical Analysis as appropriate to the specific case
  • Complete documentation with Chain of Custody and Laboratory Consultation pertinent to case results
  • Expert Testimony

Kappa Laboratories is frequently contacted by Legal Firms concerning Contaminated Food or Water, Extraneous Material or Unidentified Material as well as Patent and Underwriter testing.  The determination of a harmful substance or contamination which may render as artical not fit for human consumption begins with initial contact and maintenance of the Sample condition and Custody.  From specific case information supplied, the condition of this material to be identified must be preserved durning handling with all steps under Chain of Custody.

Peter J. Kmieck, Ph.D.

Below is a list of selected legal cases in which Dr. Kmieck has testified as an expert at a trial or by deposition within the preceding 10 years:

  • Circuit Court, 11th Judicial District, Joanne R. Hilliard vs. Canada Dry. Case #93-16001 CA.
  • Circuit Court, 17th District, Cheryl Riley vs. Burger King Corp. Case #93-00935 05.
  • Circuit Court, 11th Judicial District, Su-Ra Enterprises vs. Barnett Bank. Case #91-51547 CA.
  • Circuit Court, 11th Judicial District, Joseph vs. Seneca Foods. Case #94-15027 CA.
  • District Court, Southern District of Florida, Meyer & Son Seafood Corp. vs. Joel Industries, Inc. Case #96-2009-CIV-Lenard.
  • U.S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin, Avonmore Cheese, Inc. vs. Danco Cheese, Inc. Case #96-C-563-S.
  • Circuit Court, 11th Judicial Circuit, Dade County, Florida, Ariel Martinez vs. Publix Supermarkets, Inc. Case #96-18877 CA 22.

Forensic Analysis

We analyze your food:

  • EX: Circuit Court, 11th Judicial District, Joanne R. Hilliard vs. Canada Dry. Case #93-16001 CA.